Food and Beverage: Ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, tahini, molasses, pomagranate molasses, edible oil, cooking oil, olive oil, boza, sauce, etc…

Chemicals and Cosmetics: Liquid detergent, liquid hand soap, dish washing liquid, hot detergent gel, fabric softener, shampoo, shower gel, etc…

Petroleum: Motor oil, engine oil, fuel additive, etc…

Paint: Paint, decorative paint, car paint, solvent, solvent based paints, etc…

Technical Specifications

System: Electro-pneumatic
Dosing: Volumetric
CE Certified
Construction: Stainless Steel
PLC program
PLC Touch Screen
Nozzles customized according to product and packaging type
Nozzle Type:
Top fill, neck entry or buttom fill with diving nozzles
Filling Volume Adjustment: Over touch scrren
Filling Accuaracy: +-%1
Conveyor belt: 5 meter with variable speed
Machine guard with door interlocks
Balance tank with automatic float mechanism
Filling Rangeı: 100 ml. – 1 Litre
Capacity: 1.800-2.200 Bph for 1 liter
Guarantee: 1 year

P.S. : We are able to produce the electrical system according to your country’s required values